Plug & play, LED beam lighting system.

Powerful LED Beam Lighting

Although ToroBeam® was designed for edge lit advertising lightboxes in mind, this powerful beam lighting system can offer solution to many lighting application especially architectural design for residential and commercial use.

Components on ToroBeam® strips are drip coated with silicon to protect them from water so you can use them outdoor in signage or other lighting applications.

Low voltage, low wattage, high lumens. Brighten up your projects with ToroBeam® LED beam lighting system.

Plug & Play System

We simplified the way we connect one LED bar to another with a Barrel connector system. Simple and easy to use. Connect up to 45 LED beams (max 82 watts per segment) in one lighting segment to power source.

Perfect Beam Angle

ToroBeam® optical lenses were engineered to emit light beam angles at 70° X 10° to maximize light distance and minimize hotspots on defuser fabric, film or acrylic sheets in lightboxes or other framed projects. For architectural lighting, such as large outdoor wall scones, ToroBeam® is an ideal solution.

ToroTile LED Module

Online Simulator

We made it easy for our customers to calculate and simulate power segments and required beam bars for framed projects, such as lightboxes or cloud lighting using ToroBeam® LED beam lighting system with our easy to use online simulator.

The simulator can help you assess the scope of your project instantly for both cost and power requirements.

Click here to view simulator.

Product Specifications

LED Beams 3 Beams 5 Beams
Material Aluminum Core / PCB
Dimensions (cm) 25.0 X 2.7 X 0.2
(9.84" X 1.06" X 0.08")
42.6 X 2.7 X 0.2
(16.77" X 1.06" X 0.08")
Lumen Output 900lm 1500lm
Wattage 7.7w 12.8w
Voltage 24vDC
LED Chip Samsung 3535
CRI / CCT 6500k / >70
Protection Rating IP54
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